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Nashville Artists October 2020

Burglar Alarm Pts. 1 and 2 by Willie Dustice

With all of the layering of instrumentation on Burglar Alarm, it is hard to believe it is just one person playing everything. It sounds like an entire band with every instrument contributing a different personality. The parallel vocal, keyboard, and guitar lines make an entirely new blend of sound like when John McLaughlin's guitar mixes with Jerry Goodman's violin. Slaps.

Freedom by Eve Maret

Freedom is what the future sounds like when we all finally transcend into a higher plane of existence and leave our bodies. I dig the hypnotic percussion, punchy bass, and ethereal flutes and synth-pads. This is introspective music you can dance to.

Spinning by Casters

This song is vibey in all of the right places. It is all of the guitar licks you could ever want stacked on top of each other, filling the whole room. I cannot wait for live music to be back so I can see an entire room of people feeling this beat.

Deep Dark South by Bendrix Littleton

Bendrix brought out every bit of bittersweet, loneliness, and malaise with guitars, keyboards, and poetry. The rest of the review will be emojis because I cannot express myself as intimately as Bendrix. 🥀 🌘 📓 🍂 🌥

The Technocrat by Coupler

The Technocrat is the only song I listen to in my car now. It has a cinematic quality that pairs well with the world passing by. The haunting melody is perfect for October.

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